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This page provides links to related op-eds written by members of the group.

  • This WSJ article provides an overview of our proposal for European Safe Bonds (ESBies).  (September 27th, 2011).
  • This Dinheiro Vivo (Diario de Noticias) article provides an overview, in Portuguese (September 27th, 2011).
  • This ElPais front-page article provides an overview of our proposal in Spanish (September 27th, 2011).
  • This Corriere della Sera article explains ESBies in Italian (September 27th, 2011).
  • This Irish Times article places the proposal in the context of overall reform of the European banking system (September 27th, 2011).
  • This Kathimerini article provides an overview of our proposal in Greek (October 2nd, 2011).
  • The Belgian newspaper De Tijd published an article on October 2nd, 2011.
  • The article in the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung discusses our ESBies proposal (October 4th, 2011).